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Blazing Star Press is a small, independent, publishing company located in the United States that is dedicated to publishing young adult (YA) novels. Our particular focus is on YA that the huge, multinational, corporate publishers have passed over in their search for reiterations of the last Big Thing. One of the most noticeable areas of their neglect at the current time is comedy, due to their increasingly narrow focus on dark novels that have teenage protagonists but are laced with adult themes. Mainstream editors call these novels “edgy” or “gritty,” because they “push the envelope” of the parameters of the YA genre by containing R-rated material. A decade ago, books with such themes, even though they have teen protagonists, would have been marketed as adult novels, as Carrie by Stephen King or Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card were. In today’s troubled economy, however, young adult novels are essentially the only area of publication that is growing rather than shrinking due to the enormous success of Harry Potter and the Twilight series. In order to cash in on this trend, mainstream publishers are labeling any book with a teen protagonist, no matter how adult the content, as “young adult.” Blazing Star Press is bucking that trend by choosing to only publish young adult novels that are actually targeted to the demographic of YA, preteens and young teenagers age 12 to 16. In other words, we don’t market adult books as teen books solely because the protagonists are teenagers.







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